Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bear Down, Chicago Bears sung by Lyric Opera's Bryan Griffin

Let's all support The Bears. This is definitely a more unique version of the "classic", but definitely a Chicago honor.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Subliminal advertising in television? McDonald's

The Food Network has acknowledged this and indicated it was a technical glitch/mistake made by them - not subliminal advertising by McDonald's.

We'll likely never know the truth. I can't say I have a hankering for McDonald's now, but I do want to go back to MOTO Restaurant and eat some more edible paper and laser and liquid nitrogen infused foods. It was yummy. :o)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

BEARS WIN - Headed to Super Bowl 41

It's been 21 years since or last visit to the Super Bowl. There's even a 50/50 chance it will be a re-match against the Patriot's. History is a funny thing.


Friday, January 12, 2007

$315 Million Powerball Jackpot from 2002 ALL GONE - Winner says


This is a prime example of how "average, everyday people" with no concept nor understanding of such significant wealth is not always a good thing. This is not intended as an insult, the "average, everyday people" comment. For crying out loud, I have a significant finance background and business experience. If someone dumped $113 Million on me after taxes, I would definitely make some poor decisions in the beginning.

But, let's look at it another way. General consensus among financial planners is to expect to live on roughly 4% of your liquid net worth - and by doing so, you theoretically will never need to dip into principal. So let's say you take $100 Million and stick it into some investments that produce income for you and you keep the other $13 million for "let's get stupid money". You will get $4 million a year every year for the rest of your life and every single one of your descendants lives. Additionally, the $100 million will still be there. Quite frankly, it will grow considering the "market" historically has returned upwards of 10% when annualized.

How do you go through that much money in 4 years??! $4 million a year is a crap ton of money. There is not a lot you can't do with that kind of income stream. Yes, I recognize there are unsavory people out there and he undoubtedly got duped into giving people money, etc. But eventually you start seeing the bank balance go down some and start re-thinking, don't you?

Politician wants ads ban

I don't generally like to have political conversations. People's political beliefs are their business and shouldn't be shoved down anyone else's throat. However, this one really irks me.

I am not condoning nor condemning Girls Gone Wild or other such videos. There clearly is a market for it - or the owner wouldn't be making millions and millions of dollars. But, the reality is this guy (Sen. Doug Jackson, D-Dickson) is trying to legislate based on his own personal moral and ethics structure. He can follow whatever path he wants to follow, but threatening fines and making the decision for others - thereby trying to get them to follow his same path, really bothers me.

I am a big proponent of freedom of speech and expression and I really hate it when Politicians get on their soapbox - 98% of the time for the wrong reasons and with the wrong solution.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A Tennessee state senator is tired of girls going wild on raunchy late-night TV ads, so he introduced a bill to fine cable companies up to $50,000 for airing ads for obscene products.

Whatever happened to Free Speech? This does qualify in my opinion.

Sen. Doug Jackson, D-Dickson, said he got the idea after seeing commercials for "Girls Gone Wild" videos that show young women baring their breasts and acting out other sexual situations. "This is being interjected right into our living room," Jackson said Friday. "People feel like, as they sit in their living rooms, they just have to surrender; there's nothing that can be done.

Um, not true. First, people can choose NOT to order cable TV or Satellite. Should they forget that is their option, guess what else they can do???? Hmmm. Any ideas? Change the channel if you don't like what you see. Simple as that!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Apple a day....

I really don't need to say anything - click on the links. They all speak for themselves. WICKED COOL!!!!

Steve Jobs Keynote Address




One of our two furnaces stopped working in the
last day or so. Fortunately, we have two heating and cooling zones, so the entire apartment wasn't freezing. This readout was this morning at around 10am in the back - bedrooms and bathroom. It was indeed chilly. It actually was awesome to sleep in - I like it cold when I sleep. Lori was a little less enthusiastic however.

It was a simple fix though, just needed to change the filter to allow for better air flow. It's interesting though, as the front "zone" was perfect at 70 degrees. You can feel the difference immediately once you hit the stairs going from the back to the front. I was joking that with the collision of such drastic fronts - cold and warm - we were lucky it didn't start raining. :o)

Monday, January 8, 2007

Pink Floyd...Inside Out

Pink Floyd is by far my favorite band ever.
When I started working when I was a teenager, I
saved up money and bought myself a Sony stereo system - I actually still have it. This was also my first CD player - this would have been the late 80's or perhaps '90 or '91 at the absolute latest - Yes, I am getting old.

In any event, I bought Pink Floyd: The Wall two disc set and I listened to it constantly. It quickly became my favorite album. I've since expanded my music taste, but Pink Floyd still is - and always will be - my favorite band. I also was fortunate enough to see them in concert some number of years ago - it was the tour that coincided with their Division Bell album.

This was actually my first "real" concert. I went with my cousin Paul and his dad and a friend of Paul's. We drove to Indianapolis (roughly 3 hours) and then back again after the concert. It was a fantastic concert, filled with lots of "air guitar" from Paul and me as well as thousands more. I drove all the way there, but I distinctly remember dosing off on the drive home and pulling over to let Paul's dad drive. In retrospect, this was not the kindest thing to do since his dad had to work very, very early that morning whereas Paul and I and his friend all would go home and sleep for as long as we wanted to.

It's a great memory, to this day. Well, now to the original point of this post - Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd. This is the first in depth look at Pink Floyd's long and storied history by an insider - Drummer Nick Mason. I emailed Paul about the book and he informed me he already has it! I will probably pick it up at some point - unless someone buys it for me - however, I rarely have the attention span to sit down and read for long periods of time. It is something though, that I will want to have no matter what.

So what or who is your favorite band? What is your first or best Pink Floyd memory?

Saturday, January 6, 2007

50 US States....How many have you been to?

I started thinking about it the other day and decided to look at the 50 states and figure out how many I have actually been to... It's interesting to me. I've done more travelling the last few years than the several before and decided I want to be able to one day say I've been to all 50 states + D.C.

So I counted and I cannot say for sure as I may have been through a few states I don't recall while driving through, etc. I can say for sure I've been to at least 18 US States and possibly 21 or 22. I've not yet been to D.C. either. I have though, been to Alaska - I HIGHLY recommend taking an Alaskan Cruise. It was fantastic! In any event, I'm in my mid-thirties (YUCK!), so I figure I've got time to get to the other half+ United States.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Google Answer to Filling Jobs Is an Algorithm

I found this pretty interesting. I am a firm believer that grades do not necessarily predict success professionally. There is a lot of data to support this too.

Google - with their rapid growth rates - is seeing the challenge of too high of standards. There is a tremendous amount of talent below the 4.0 GPA.

Check out the article. Very interesting.

Monday, January 1, 2007

That is a lot of storm troopers!!!

Okay, so I am a big Star Wars fan.
I've never gone to a convention or anything like that - nor would I go out of my way. That's not to say I wouldn't go if there was one in my neighborhood, just to check it out and see the people. I love people watching.

In any event, this parade was organized in honor of George Lucas - who was the Grand Marshall of the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA.

Had to post this simply because that's an awesome picture!